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Make your ice system more intelligent with this Scotsman C0722MA-32 Prodigy Plus series modular ice machine.


This cube ice machine is the perfect choice for busy kitchens. Sturdy and corrosion resistant, the Scotsman C0722MA-32 Prodigy Plus® ice maker features a stainless steel finish. Its WaterSense purge control removes scaly buildup to optimize performance, and AgION™ protection inhibits the growth of harmful microbes. To simplify maintenance, its self-aligning front panel enables users to access key components. A QR code can be scanned to provide unit-specific information on service history, while AutoAlert™ lights offer status updates.


To guide ice through the unit and into a dispenser or bin, the ice Scotsman C0722MA-32 ice machine head employs a harvest assist feature. This unit is air cooled, and because its condenser is self-contained, it’s fast and simple to install. Using R-404A refrigerant, it produces as much as 758 pounds of medium cube ice per day in ideal conditions. In warmer settings, this unit has a maximum production rate of 566 pounds per day.


Product Details

  • 758-lb. maximum daily ice production
  • 566-lb. AHR-certified daily ice production
  • Produces medium cube ice
  • Individual ice cube dimensions: 7⁄8 in. x 7⁄8 in. 7⁄8 in.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish
  • AutoAlert indicating lights provide operation updates
  • Air cooled
  • Air filter located on the front
  • 1-touch cleaning
  • Self-contained condenser
  • Unit-specific QR code streamlines maintenance
  • Self-aligning front panel provide access to key components
  • WaterSense adjustable purge control removes scale
  • AgION agent slows microbial growth
  • Harvest assist helps guide ice through unit
  • Uses R-404A refrigerant
  • Operating ambient temperature range: 50-100 degrees F
  • Operating water temperature range: 40-000 degrees F
  • Operating incoming water pressure: 20-80 PSIG
  • 7,900-BTU transfer capacity


Dimensions & Utilities

  • 22 in. W x 24 in. D x 29 in. H
  • 11 A, 5.26 kW
  • 208-240 V/60 Hz/1 ph

C0722MA-32 22" Prodigy Plus Modular Medium Cube Ice Machine 758 lbs

SKU: C0722MA-32
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