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Ensure style and functionality within your beverage service lineup by choosing the Scotsman HID540A-1 Meridian™ countertop air cooled ice machine and water dispenser.


With its 40 lb. bin storage capacity and 500 lb. 24-hour ice yield, this combination ice machine and water dispenser offers the best of Scotsman's ice-making technology combined with the convenience of dispensing both ice and water from the same unit. This machine will help you to provide a vast range of refreshing, cool beverages for your customers.


Restaurants, hospitals, and hotels can use the Scotsman HID540A-1 Meridian™ nugget ice machine for their ice and water needs. This unit has two dispensers—one for water and one for chewable nugget ice, which is less likely to choke patients and children than cube ice. In suitable conditions, this unit can produce 500 pounds of ice in a day, and its bin can store 40 pounds of ice for high-volume periods. Inside the machine, anti-microbial AquaArmor with AgION™ is molded into key components to reduce bacterial growth and keep ice tasting clean and pure.


To save space and enable the motor to breathe, the sides of the machine are specially designed and contoured for the external air filter. The interior components are highly accessible because of the removable front panels, and a removable sink, bin, and grill give convenient cleaning access. Lessening the amount of time needed for service calls, the Scotsman HID540A-1 nugget ice and water dispenser has LED lights that help diagnose problems.


Product Details

  • Part of the Meridian series
  • 500-lb. daily ice production capacity
  • AHRI-certified, 365-lb. daily ice production capacity
  • Bin has a 40-lb. storage capacity
  • Nugget ice measures 0.75 in. x 0.313 in. x 0.375 in.
  • Anti-microbial AquaArmor with AgION on internal components helps slow bacterial growth
  • USB drive enables fast software updates
  • LED indicator lights reduce service time by helping diagnose performance issues
  • QR code is unit-specific for fast access to service manuals and warranty history
  • Removable sink, bin, and grill provide access for cleanup
  • Large sink opening and dispensing area
  • External air filter facilitates cleaning

HID540A-1 Countertop Nugget Ice Machine & Water Dispenser & Bin 40 lbs Storage

SKU: HID540A-1
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