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The extra sharp interchangeable blades of the Commercial Series Sectionizer allows you to easily slice citrus fruits, core and wedge apples and pears, slice tomatoes and mushrooms for sandwiches, or wedge them for salads. The machine can also slice or wedge hard boiled eggs, and small to medium onions and potatoes; basically, any fruit or vegetable that does not have a pit, is firm (not hard), and will fit through the blade cup. It is one of the most versatile food cutters on the market. The blades are removable and dishwasher safe and come with a neoprene cup cover to safe storage.



S-101 - Complete Sectionizer, 4 wedge, blade cup and plunger

S-102 - Complete Sectionizer, 6 wedge, blade cup and plunger

S-103 - Complete Sectionizer, 6 slice 5/16" thick, (must use plunger S-10)

S-104 - Complete Sectionizer, 8 wedge, blade cup and plunger

S-105 - Complete Sectionizer, 3-in-1, 2 halves scored in 3 wedges each (for school foodservice)


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Sunkist Commercial Sectionizer

SKU : S-101
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