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The NEOG124 can accommodate (12) 1/1 GN pans or (12) 18" x 26" pans. This increased capacity allows for even larger quantities of food to be processed simultaneously.


The appliance includes side runners, facilitating easy insertion and removal of the GN or sheet pans. The heated core probe feature allows for precise monitoring of the food's core temperature.


With a 7-inch touch screen display, the unit is equipped providing a user-friendly interface to control and monitor the appliance's functions and is also equipped with a USB connection, allowing for data transfer or software updates.


The NEOG124 can blast chill up to 79 lbs. of food and shock freeze up to 53 lbs. of food. These capacities indicate the amount of food that can be rapidly cooled or frozen within the unit. The appliance utilizes indirect blowing fans to circulate chilled air evenly, ensuring efficient and consistent cooling or freezing throughout the unit.


The appliance is constructed with stainless steel, providing durability and ease of cleaning, which is particularly important in commercial kitchen environments.

NEOG124 Blast Chiller

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