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Brunner Anliker Commercial Food Processing


Save labor and time with Brunner Anliker. Speed and efficiency right at your fingertips.

It’s been said that the Chef’s knife is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the kitchen because of the arm that operates it. Now anyone can slice, dice, chop, grate, grind and so much more with Brunner Anliker’s lineup of automated commercial food preparation equipment. With a fully encased induction motor and 30-year life expectancy, these units will continue to perform at the highest level with minimal maintenance and service requirements. This labor-saving food processor is perfect for commercial kitchens of all sizes.

Smart Food Processing Machines

Brunner Anliker_GSM5J_Star.jpg
Food Processing Machine at 45 degree angle
Food processing machine at 45 degree angle


Anliker L



Want to build a smarter kitchen? Brunner Anliker food preparation machines are the ultimate tool for doing just that! They are quiet, easy to use, incredibly productive and can save you labor costs while delivering unmatched consistency. The Brunner-Anliker name stands for high-quality products. 

Drawing Cut

for optimal nutrient retention and cut products that stay fresher for longer.

Technical Innovation

used to ensure food hygiene which meets the highest standard.

swiss quality

as your guarantee for innovation, precision, durability and reliability.

simple handling

and ergonomic design for optimum user comfort and easy cleaning.

Check out the Brunner Anliker manufacturing process in the video below!


Food Service Solutions USA Inc.

USA toll free: 1-800-384-8690 


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00pm (EST)

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

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