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MO14 is a premium heavy-duty manual slicer with clear slice exit design: the entire area behind the blade is completely free.

This slicer offers larger cut capacity, exact thickness regulation and smooth carriage stroke.

Ideal machine for delicatessen, supermarkets and large size kitchens.


• Anodized aluminium casting construction: sturdy and light weight.
• 14” high quality hardened chromium steel alloy blade.
• Permanently attached knife ring guard.
• 0 to 9/16" slice thickness.
• Powerful and noiseless continuous use motor.
• Insulated switch. Overload protection manual reset.
• Multygrip belt drive: always the right grip.
• Carriage smooth glide motion also with heavy products.
• Large clearance between the back of the blade and the base provides access for easy cleaning.
• Slice thickness precision adjustment: gasket-sealed mechanism.
• Stainless steel food pusher toothed plate, removable for cleaning purposes.
• Equipped with SBR (Safe Blade Removal).
• Stainless steel ball-bearing blade pulley and special moisture-proof gasket.
• Built-in sharpener, removable for cleaning purposes.
• 30° carriage angle: good visibility of the slice exit area and better ergonomy.
• Non-slip rubber feet


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MO14 MONDIAL 350 Gravity Slicer

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