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Introducing the PIRA 120 LUX, often referred to as the "giant" due to its immense size. This model stands as the largest and most competitively professional charcoal oven in the world. With unparalleled dimensions, this model offers an unprecedented production capacity within the realm of charcoal ovens.

PIRACOLD, a cooling system ingeniously conceived and officially patented by PIRA, delivers pivotal effects concerning both the exterior oven temperature and energy conservation:

Upon reaching its peak operational temperature, the external structure of the oven is adeptly maintained around 60ºC.
The temperature within the cooking chamber persists for extended periods, even after the conclusion of service. Consequently, despite achieving production parity with other ovens of similar dimensions, this system yields energy and financial savings due to its remarkably low charcoal consumption.
Impressively, the same charcoal quantity can generate up to 25% more cooking output compared to a charcoal oven without the PIRACOLD system.
This technology proves indispensable for establishments, particularly restaurants where grilling is the mainstay of the menu. It embodies the epitome of excellence at an exceptional value.

The oven boasts the versatility to cook all types of food, from meat to fish and vegetables. Equipped with a high-temperature-resistant glass door, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 750ºC, it offers the advantage of monitoring food while cooking. This capability contributes to sustaining the oven's temperature and once again reduces charcoal consumption.

Pira 120 LUX

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