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Dimensions: 7 x 60 x 24 cms
Weight: 17 Kg


Introducing Pira Charcoal Ovens: Revolutionizing Culinary Possibilities with the Pira Split

In our relentless pursuit to provide the most versatile and innovative ovens in the market, we proudly present the Pira Split—a groundbreaking accessory designed exclusively for our charcoal ovens. The brilliance lies in its simplicity and practicality.

The Pira Split, or grill divider, is available for our esteemed customers who own PIRA 80 LUX or larger charcoal oven models. With the inclusion of the Pira Split, a world of culinary opportunities opens up. Imagine cooking with various grill types simultaneously and at the same height, empowering chefs to craft a diverse array of dishes concurrently.

Unleashing a multitude of configurations, the separator grants unparalleled flexibility. You can savor the traditional charm of rod grills on one side of the oven, while embracing the tantalizing texture of grooved grills on the other. Experience the contrast of griddling on one side and roasting on the other, or experiment with skewers and half-grills. The possibilities extend to utilizing the same grill type on both sides, but at different heights, lending distinct cooking intensities to your creations. This culinary canvas is bound only by the ingenuity and mastery of the chef.

The Pira Split boasts two variations: the 4-way Split and the 7-way Split. The 4-way Split has garnered immense popularity as it empowers chefs to cook on the lower oven section with diverse half-grills, while simultaneously utilizing upper oven guides for whole grills, perfect for gentle cooking or using utensils like pans and casseroles. Responding to specialized culinary demands, we also offer the 7-way Split option. With this variant, you can orchestrate culinary magic on any level and both sides using half-grills.

Safety and durability are paramount, and the separator is a testament to our commitment. Built to withstand the fiery proximity to the coals, the Pira Split exudes robustness. Proper usage and maintenance transform it into a lifelong companion.

Moreover, the separator's meticulous construction ensures there are no nooks for food remnants to accumulate, adhering to the highest food safety standards. This design also facilitates effortless and swift cleaning, rendering perfection an achievable feat.

Pira Charcoal Ovens, combined with the ingenious Pira Split, transcend conventional cooking boundaries. Elevate your culinary craftsmanship, embrace multifaceted cooking, and kindle your creativity—because with Pira, the art of cooking knows no bounds.

Pira 90 - 7 Guide Splitter

SKU : Pira-90-7 Guide Splitter
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