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Undoubtedly, the most professional and competitive charcoal oven in the realm of catering. It belongs to the new generation of charcoal ovens featuring PIRACOLD, a revolutionary technology reshaping the catering landscape.

Its attributes, construction, design, size, and production capacity position the PIRA-90 lux as the ultimate charcoal oven, an indispensable element for restaurants dedicated to the art of grilling.

PIRACOLD is an innovative cooling system developed and patented by PIRA. Its primary benefits pertain to the outdoor oven temperature and energy conservation:

Upon reaching its maximum operational temperature, the external structure of the oven is adeptly maintained around 60ºC. The temperature within the cooking chamber endures for extended periods, persisting even after the conclusion of service. Consequently, despite achieving production parity with other ovens of similar dimensions, this system yields energy and financial savings due to its remarkably low charcoal consumption. Remarkably, the same charcoal quantity can yield up to 25% more cooking than a charcoal oven lacking the PIRACOLD system. This technology is indispensable for establishments, particularly restaurants where grilling is a central feature on the menu. It represents the epitome of quality and affordability.

The versatility of this oven extends to cooking various types of food, including meat, fish, and vegetables. Equipped with a high-temperature glass door, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 750ºC, it allows continuous monitoring of the cooking process. This contributes to maintaining the oven's temperature while simultaneously reducing charcoal consumption.

Pira 90 LUX

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