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For those who revel in the allure of the "dark side," Pira ovens cater to your preference by offering the option of a blind door.

Enter the SD series of charcoal ovens, meticulously designed for establishments where the oven's inner workings need not be on public display, where the dancing ember remains hidden from sight.

The blind door featured in the SD series presents a unique advantage. It ushers in an environment where the temperature in front of the oven is noticeably cooler than its glass-door counterpart. This strategic divergence in temperature proves ideal for restaurants graced with compact kitchens.

Embedded within its form are an array of attributes, a testament to its unparalleled performance, economic benefits, and the lavish comfort it extends to chefs who opt for its exquisite capabilities.

In harmony with its siblings in the Pira oven family, this model proudly embraces the PIRACOLD innovation—an ingenious cooling system conceived and patented by PIRA. Its transformative effects center on the exterior oven temperature and the consequential energy conservation it ushers in:

Upon reaching the zenith of its operational warmth, this oven steadfastly maintains the external structure at a gentle 70ºC. This deft temperature control assures both operational ease and safety.

Perhaps more remarkably, the temperature within the cooking chamber lingers for extensive stretches even after the final service has drawn to a close. This architectural marvel translates to sustained energy efficiency and operational utility—rendering the oven a diligent workhorse even after the culinary stage has dimmed.

In an astonishing feat of resourcefulness, akin to its peers in the Pira lineup, this oven transcends traditional energy consumption. The frugal appetite for charcoal is a standout feature, propelling the oven to perform up to 25% more efficiently in comparison to its charcoal-only peers.

Tailored to grace small to medium establishments and restaurants where grilling plays a complementary role, this oven defines both economic efficiency and gastronomic excellence.

Echoing its lineage, it rightfully claims the title of the choicest oven at the most competitive price point.

A culinary virtuoso, this oven knows no boundaries—it embraces a diverse repertoire. From sumptuous meats to succulent fish, vibrant vegetables, delectable rice, and perfected pasta, the SD series holds the promise of an array of gastronomic creations limited only by imagination.

Pira 70 LUX SD

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