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This particular model is designed to maximize limited spaces effectively. While sharing the same width as the PIRA 70 LUX model, it distinguishes itself by extending its depth by up to 7 centimeters.

The PIRA LUX 70 XL stands as the second charcoal oven of its size within a groundbreaking generation of charcoal ovens that is reshaping the landscape of the catering industry. Its array of features, performance capabilities, potential cost savings, and compact dimensions collectively position it as an exceptionally cost-effective model, one that is both profitable and a favored choice among numerous chefs due to its heightened comfort.

PIRACOLD, a cooling system ingeniously developed and officially registered by PIRA, yields pivotal effects concerning both the external temperature of the oven and energy conservation:

Upon reaching its peak operational temperature, the outer structure of the oven is adeptly maintained around 70ºC. The internal temperature within the cooking chamber perseveres for extended durations, even after the conclusion of service. As a result, while achieving production parity with other ovens possessing equivalent dimensions, this oven manages to conserve energy and fiscal resources due to its remarkably low charcoal consumption. Impressively, the same charcoal quantity can be harnessed to cook up to 25% more compared to a charcoal oven lacking the PIRACOLD technology. This characteristic renders it particularly suited for small to medium-sized establishments or restaurants where grilling constitutes an additional dimension of the menu.

Proclaimed as an unrivaled oven at an exceptional price point, this model is further enhanced by an internal oil and grease collector, facilitating the utilization of a grooved grill to prepare a diverse array of foods without the specter of flames or food scorching. This versatility encompasses a spectrum ranging from fish and meat to vegetables.

The Pira 70 LUX is outfitted with an immensely durable glass, capable of enduring high temperatures of up to 750ºC. This unique attribute empowers chefs to closely monitor the cooking process, thereby contributing to the sustained maintenance of the oven's temperature and ultimately leading to a reduction in charcoal consumption during usage.

Pira 70 LUX XL

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