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Dimensions: 3 x 57 x 30 cms
Weight: 9 Kg


In our pursuit of crafting the most versatile ovens available, we proudly introduce the Pira Split, an exclusive innovation designed for our charcoal ovens. This accessory embodies a blend of ingenuity, simplicity, and practicality.


The split or grill divider is compatible with the PIRA 80 LUX and larger models of charcoal ovens. With the inclusion of the Pira Split, customers gain the remarkable capability of simultaneously cooking with different grill types at equal heights. This empowers chefs to prepare a diverse array of dishes all at once.


The separator enables a multitude of configurations, offering the flexibility to cook on one side of the oven using a traditional rod grill while employing a grooved grill on the opposite side. Alternatively, a griddle can be utilized on one side while the other half of the oven is reserved for roasting. The option of combining a skewer with a complementary half grill is also available, alongside the simplicity of utilizing the same grill type on both sides, albeit at varying heights. This ingenious design fosters varying cooking intensities, practically limitless possibilities, and transforms our Pira charcoal ovens into adept multitasking culinary tools, with the chef's skill and imagination as the only constraints.


The Pira Split is offered in two configurations: the 4-way Split and the 7-way split. The 4-way Split garners substantial demand due to its capacity for lower compartment cooking using different half grills, complemented by upper compartment placement of whole grills for gradual cooking or accommodating cookware such as casseroles and pans. In response to specific customer requirements, the 7-way split option is also available. This variant facilitates cooking at any level and on both sides using half-grills.

Crafted with exceptional robustness, the separator is engineered to withstand the intense heat of being positioned directly above the coals. Its formidable resistance to fire ensures longevity, bolstered by prudent usage and regular maintenance.

Remarkably conscientious in its design, the Split is devoid of any corners where food remnants might gather, aligning with the highest standards of food safety. This meticulous approach not only streamlines impeccable and swift cleaning but also underscores our unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.

Pira 80 - 4 Guide Splitter

SKU : Pira 4 Guide Splitter
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