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Dimensions: 3 x 57 x 30 cms
Weight: 9 Kg


In our pursuit of providing the most versatile ovens available, we've introduced a groundbreaking addition to our charcoal oven lineup. This innovative yet straightforward accessory has been developed exclusively for our charcoal ovens, particularly the PIRA 80 LUX and larger models.


The Pira Split, or grill divider, is a game-changing solution that enables customers to harness the power of various grill types simultaneously and at the same level. This empowers chefs to prepare a diverse array of dishes concurrently, enhancing efficiency and culinary creativity.

The divider offers numerous configurations. Chefs can opt to cook using a conventional rod grill on one side while utilizing a grooved grill on the opposite, or they can utilize a griddle on one side while roasting on the other. Alternatively, they could skewer on one half and employ a different grill type on the other, or even use identical grill types at varying heights for distinct cooking intensities. The options are nearly limitless, transforming our Pira charcoal ovens into dynamic multitasking cooking tools, with the chef's skill and imagination being the only true constraints.


Pira 90 - 4 Guide Splitter

SKU : Pira 4 Guide Splitter
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