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RTS12 is a manual slicer with smooth lines.

The rounded base gives a harmonious style to the whole machine. Perfect for slicing cold cuts, meat, vegetables, and cheeses.

Ideal for restaurants and bars.

• 12" hard chromed special alloy hollow ground knife: longer lasting and easier to sharpen.
• Knife ring guard.
• 0 to 9/16" slice thickness.
• Easy to access top mounted, removable all metal knife sharpener with dual action with two stones.
• Slice thickness precision adjustment: gasket-sealed mechanism.
• Drip deflecting edge of the gauge plate.
• Bottom enclosure.
• Moisture proof, easy-to-clean ON/OFF switch and knife hub.
• 1/2 HP fan-cooled knife motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings.
• Overload protection manual reset.
• Easy to clean thanks to the round lines.
• Non-slip rubber feet


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RTS12 300 T SUPER Gravity Slicer

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