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ST14 is a premium heavy-duty manual slicer.
The ST-Series line of premium slicers from Rheninghaus delivers precision, performance, industry-leading convenience, superior cleanability and lasting value.

The special protections make it suited for humid environments. Ideal for deli shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and catering companies.


• Anodized aluminium casting construction: sturdy and light weight.
• 14” high quality hardened chromium steel alloy blade.
• Permanently attached knife ring guard.
• 0 to 9/16" slice thickness.
• Powerful and noiseless continuous use motor.
• Insulated switch. Overload protection manual reset.
• Multygrip belt drive: always the right grip.
• Carriage smooth glide motion also with heavy products.
• Removable last slice device for easy cleaning.
• Large clearance between the back of the blade and the base provides access for easy cleaning.
• Slice thickness precision adjustment: gasket-sealed mechanism.
• Drip deflecting edge of the gauge plate: adjustment mechanism is protected.
• No-drip edge base: easy cleaning.
• Stainless steel ball-bearing blade pulley and special moisture-proof gasket.
• Built-in sharpener, removable for cleaning purposes.
• 30° carriage angle: good visibility of the slice exit area and better ergonomy.
• Non-slip rubber feet.


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ST14 START 350 Gravity Slicer

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