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The BBQ-M120 is the new professional modular charcoal barbecue introduced by Pira. It has been specifically designed to fit seamlessly into modular kitchens, allowing easy installation alongside other elements. As with all Pira devices, the BBQ-M120 adheres to the highest standards of professional cooking, ensuring maximum performance and excellent value for users.


Similar to the previously mentioned BBQ-M80, the BBQ-M120 is also capable of cooking all kinds of food, including meat, fish, and vegetables, offering chefs a wide range of culinary possibilities.


The BBQ-M120 also features Pira's exclusive system to raise the hopper's platform. This system grants chefs precise control over the intensity of grilling at any given moment, allowing for optimal cooking results and flavor development in the food.

With its modular design, cooking capabilities, and adaptability to different grill types, the BBQ-M120 stands out as an excellent addition to professional kitchens. Whether it's installed as a standalone barbecue or integrated into a larger modular kitchen setup, it offers a high level of performance and convenience for chefs seeking top-quality cooking equipment.


SKU : BBQ M120
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