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Turn your Dry Ager 750 Pro curing cabinet into a charcuterie producing powerhouse with this Dry Ager charcuterie package for UX750. Each shelf provides optimum support to charcuterie items in your curing cabinet and features attachment lugs that are perfect for supporting sausages, pairs of sausages, or hams. Designed specifically to ensure proper airflow to these items, this durable stainless steel shelf provides proper support with minimal pressure points on these more delicate items.

Depending on your needs, the charcuterie shelf can be used in two different ways. To hang strings of sausage or sausage yarn over a lug, place the shelf with the attachment lugs facing upward. To hold pairs of sausages place the shelf with the attachment lug facing downward and hang the sausage in the notch. This is also ideal for hanging a ham.

Set Includes:
-2 x charcuterie shelf (DUS027)

DRY AGER™ UX 750 PRO DU0765 Charcuterie Package

SKU : DU0765
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