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The Idea 40 encompasses all the benefits of Orved technology, incorporating the following features: an absolute vacuum sensor for achieving a flawless vacuum in any situation, a hydroformed vacuum chamber that guarantees enduring quality and effortless cleaning, and power sealing capability for multiple seals of overlapping vacuum bags.

Thanks to the internal sensors, the packaging machines in the Idea line possess the capability to achieve a perfect vacuum under any circumstances, accommodating various types of products including food, non-food items, and liquids.

The digital control panel is equipped with a memory capacity of 10 vacuum programs. Additionally, it offers the option to add gas (MAP) or perform a dearation program (degas), enabling the creation of specialized vacuum cycles tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

The sturdy chamber, featuring rounded steel edges, allows for convenient cleaning after each use.

IDEA 40 Vacuum Packing Machine

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