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With the Miracle Steamer, operators can eliminate the long waits associated with preparing hot menu items, all while cooking and finishing food that retains its original texture, color, flavor and nutritional value. The generator converts water into super-heated dry steam, resulting in intense top-down heat. The Miracle Steamer features two steam options — push-button action for instant results, as well as a programmable timed cycle for longer steaming.


The MS-150 offers a spatula-style operation with a self-contained water reservoir located on the side of the unit.


The Antunes MS-150-9100423 countertop steamer eliminates long waits by preparing hot menu items quickly and productively. It converts plain tap water into low-water vapor, super-heated dry steam. The steamer enhances the look and taste of food by providing top down steam delivery, ensuring food keeps its original color, flavor, texture, and nutrients.


Ideal for finishing and melting cheese, this unit features two steaming options, both of which maintain consistent steam to provide a uniform finish. The instant steam reheats items quickly or melts cheese, and the super-heated steam releases from the top of the food chamber to deliver fast, effective heat penetration. Its digital controller enables operators to program timed cycles for longer steaming times.


This Antunes MS-150-9100423 miracle steamer supplies a fully adjustable pulse of steam. Its stainless steel construction supports efficient cleaning, and it is equipped with a self-contained water reservoir and spatula for loading product. The steamer can be stacked or banked, providing additional capacity and cooking flexibility in the same hood space or footprint. Foodservice professionals can fit more in a compact area with this steamer, which is essential for smaller operations like mall kiosks and concession stands.


Product Details

  • Countertop unit
  • Stainless steel construction enables rapid cleaning
  • Eliminates long waits with swift hot menu preparation
  • Converts water into low-water vapor, super-heated dry steam
  • Cooked food keeps its original colors, flavors, textures, and nutrients
  • Enhances presentation and taste of product
  • Delivers steam from the top down onto food
  • Ideal for finishing and melting cheese
  • Maintained steam consistency provides uniform finish from user to user
  • Features 2 steaming options
  • Instant steam reheats items quickly or melts cheese
  • Super-heated steam releases from the top of the food chamber
  • Heat penetration is fast and effective
  • Digital controller to program timed cycles
  • Spatula included
  • Self-contained water reservoir


Dimensions & Utilities

  • 21 in. W x 213⁄8 in. D x 101⁄4 in. H
  • 15 A, 1800 W
  • 120 V/50-60 Hz/1 ph, 6-ft. cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug

MS-150 Miracle Steamer

SKU : MS-150-9100423
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