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31 x 78 x 2 cms
Weight: 11 Kg


This stainless steel griddle plate boasts a remarkable design, featuring a substantial thickness that ensures exceptional durability. The plate is meticulously welded and polished, adding to its visual appeal. The combination of the plate's thickness and the reinforcing crossbeams on the lower grid portion provides an unparalleled level of strength and longevity that surpasses other barbecues.

The ingenious incline of the plate encourages oils to flow toward a central collector, which then directs them to the internal fat collector found in all Pira charcoal ovens. This innovative design element effectively eliminates unwanted odors and excessive smoke that often arise from cooking highly fatty items such as bacon, duck magret, and sausages. Furthermore, this feature extends its utility beyond such items. The griddle plate proves equally adept at cooking delicate or oddly-sized foods that were traditionally reserved for griddles, such as scrambled eggs, select fish varieties, and vegetables.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the griddle plate is intentionally free of any corners or crevices where food remnants might accumulate. This design adheres to the highest food safety standards while also facilitating effortless and rapid cleaning procedures.

Pira - Half Griddle Grill Plate

SKU : Pira-Half Griddle Grill M80-M150
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