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The Rapid Steamer uses directed steam to preserve the original texture, color, flavor and nutritional value of menu items while creating a high quality product.


The RS-1000 features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that helps eliminate the guesswork that comes with preparing a variety of items — producing a uniform result with every order. The RS-1000 also features a USB connection that allows operators to easily load new recipes as your menu expands.


The Antunes RS-1000 rapid steamer is a programmable countertop unit that enables users to build a bigger and more complete menu by converting plain water into dry steam, promoting cooked food that maintains its original texture and flavor. Seafood, vegetables, pasta, proteins, and more look fresh and taste flavorful when cooked in the rapid steamer.


This unit's consistent steaming process produces a uniform finish, removing the guesswork of steam cooking for operators, and its ability to be stacked leads to greater output without an enlarged footprint.


Steam is automatically adjusted by the steamer's intelligent programming capability, ensuring ideal steaming for every cycle. Its touchscreen interface enables users to quickly prepare items, and it is equipped with an instant-steaming button and preprogrammed user choices. This unit is operated intuitively, suits a variety of menu items without causing delays, and includes a USB connection for users to load new recipes, accommodating new and expanding menus.


The Antunes RS-1000 steamer has two 20-ounce compartments so users can prepare individual portions of made-to-order menu items simultaneously. It features stainless steel construction and solid state controls, and it comes with a direct water hook-up kit. This unit is not only capable of steaming but also poaching, thawing, stewing, reheating, and par-cooking.


Product Details

  • Programmable countertop unit
  • (2) 20-oz. compartments
  • Stainless steel construction and solid state controls
  • Converts plain water into dry steam to maintain the original texture and flavor of food
  • Fresh presentation of flavor-enhanced food
  • Consistent steaming process repeats uniform finishes
  • Intelligent programming automatically adjusts steam
  • Touchscreen interface enables quick item preparation
  • Instant-steaming button and preprogrammed user choices
  • Intuitive user interface
  • USB connection to load new recipes
  • Accommodates new and expanding menus
  • Direct water hook-up kit


Dimensions & Utilities

  • 17.39 in. W x 16.86 in. D x 12.79 in. H
  • 24 A, 5000 W
  • 208 V/50-60 Hz/1 ph, cord with a NEMA L6-30P plug

RS-1000 Rapid Steamer

SKU : RS-1000-9100650
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