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Spring Onions for Garnish

Client Solutions

Hearing from our customers is invaluable to us. It's how we know that our equipment and expertise translate into productive real world solutions. We value transparency and honest feedback about the solutions we offer, so that we can continue to help operators maximize the potential of their kitchens.

Kebab Wrap

"Our franchise was struggling with finding a countertop steamer for our pitas that performed well and did not break down every other month.  I reached out to Food Service Solutions and they did exactly that, provided me with a solution.  They sent me a DFW-150 countertop steamer to try and I was blown away with the performance and integrity of the unit.  We switched out all of our locations to the DFW-150 and will never look back, the customer service from the regional manager was top notch.  If you have a piece of equipment not performing how you think it should I highly recommend reaching out to Food Service Solutions."

— Tyler, Chief Operating Officer at Prairie Donair

"Mark and Food Service Solutions have played an integral role in the success of our hospitality operations since before opening. Mark's credibility and experience as an executive chef, combined with his deep knowledge of innovation in the space, and his genuine care for customers is a rare find and invaluable.

We have continuously expanded the relationship with Mark and his team and it is a now a deep friendship.

I highly recommend working with Mark and FSS."

— Mahyar Khosravi

Chefs in Action
Stoocked Buffet

"Charles has worked with Mercer's catering for the past 3 years during the partnership with Food Service Solutions. He provided exemplary product knowledge, customer service and advice during this time and will not hesitate to refer any clients in his direction. He offered supporting advice, ideas and at times a friendly ear during the early days of covid restrictions."

— Suran Govender, Director at Mercer's Catering

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mark since 2009. I have always enjoyed working with Mark and his leadership and management skills are excellent. Devour Catering is currently the Calgary test kitchen for Mark and our partnership has been an excellent example of how collaboration can truly create a positive situation for everyone involved. Mark knows how to solve problems and he is also able to understand how to improve processes and systems for a wide variety of restaurants and catering companies. Mark is committed to helping people. That may sound like a simplistic summary - but its the most honest and direct way of describing his strengths. I am looking forward to more collaboration with Mark and more years of working together."

— J'Val Shuster, Proprietor at Devour Catering

Professional Chefs

"J’aimerais prendre quelques minutes pour vous remercier de votre proffessionnalisme et compétance suite à notre rencontre concernant mes équipements de cuisine. Que ce soit à l’égard de mes équipements actuelles ainsi que des pieces d’équipement future, j’ai grandement apprécié vos connaissances et judicieux conseil. Nous sommes particulièrement intéressé par les dry ager, oyster shocker, induction wok et votre ligne de réfrigeration. J’ai aussi apprécié discuter avec vous car vous connaissé très bien toutes les alinéas propre à notre métier. L’entreprise pour laquelle vous évoluez doit se trouver choyé de vous compter parmi ses collaborateurs. En terminant merci encore pour cette rencontre et pour celles à venir."

— Robert Boisvert, Executive Chef, Club de Golf Beaconsfield

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