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Ice Texture

Less waiting. Greater safety and better quality. Check out the New Chill.

Where technology meets performance. Normal chillers cool foods slowly. This allows large ice crystals to form in the process. They damage the tissue structures of the food and when the food is thawed, they break down the structure of the food, spoiling consistency and quality. Blast chilling or fast freezing foods increases the stability of stored food, retaining the products humidity, resulting in unaltered flavor the next time it is regenerated. It also creates the opportunity for organizational advantages, a richer menu, food cost savings and more meals, quicker! Lainox's New Chill technologically is an advanced tool, destined to change the rhythm of professional catering. These units can function as a blast chiller, proofer, retarder, cook-n-hold and sous vide - all in one!


Food Service Solutions USA Inc.

USA toll free: 1-800-384-8690 


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00pm (EST)

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

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