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  • Dimensions: 52.5 x 54 x 3 centimeters
  • Weight: 12.8 kilograms


The griddle plate stands as a distinctive cooking accessory, meticulously designed for utilization within a charcoal oven – yet another exclusive offering from Pira.

Our griddle plate is meticulously constructed from robust stainless steel, distinguished by its substantial thickness and meticulous welding, culminating in an attractive polished finish. The plate's remarkable thickness, combined with reinforced crossbeams along the lower grid, imparts a level of durability and robustness unparalleled among charcoal ovens.

A unique slant on the plate facilitates the channeling of oils toward a central collection point, which subsequently directs them to the internal fat collector found in all Pira charcoal ovens. This ingenious feature effectively curtails the emergence of undesired aromas and excessive smoke, typically arising from the combustion of fats and flames when preparing greasy delicacies like bacon, duck magret, and sausages. Beyond this, the plate's versatility transcends expectations, accommodating items initially earmarked for standard griddles due to their delicate composition or dimensions. Many may not realize that our griddle plate unlocks the potential to prepare a myriad of foods in a charcoal oven, including scrambled eggs, select fish varieties, and an array of vegetables.

The plate's lateral arms enable adaptable positioning, allowing for both an inclined orientation – preferred for greasier fare – and a horizontal placement, ideal for smaller, non-greasy, or rounded items to prevent slippage.

Furthermore, the griddle plate features an independent movement system that facilitates charcoal oven reloading mid-service, eliminating the need to remove the plate from the oven.

Designed without any corners prone to food residue accumulation, the griddle plate adheres to the highest standards of food safety. This thoughtful design choice not only ensures impeccable hygiene but also streamlines the process of achieving a flawless, swift clean-up.

Pira - Griddle Grill 70 XL

SKU: Pira-Griddle Grill 70 XL
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