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- Dimensions: 62 x 78 x 2 centimeters
- Weight: 20 kilograms


Our griddle plate is expertly crafted from robust stainless steel, boasting a substantial thickness that is fully welded and polished to an appealing finish. Reinforced by crossbeams on the lower grid section, this design confers an unparalleled level of durability and resilience, setting it apart from any other barbecue option.

The unique sloped surface of the plate directs oils toward a central collector, which seamlessly channels them to the internal fat collector present in all Pira charcoal ovens. This ingenious feature serves to effectively prevent the development of unwanted odors and excessive smoke, stemming from the combustion of fats and flames when preparing items like bacon, duck magret, and sausages. Moreover, the versatility of the griddle plate extends beyond such items, accommodating foods initially considered suitable for traditional griddles due to their delicate nature or size. Many may not realize that our griddle plate can also be employed within a charcoal oven, opening the door to cooking options like scrambled eggs, select fish varieties, and an assortment of vegetables.

Incorporating a design free of any crevices where food remnants could collect, the griddle plate adheres to the highest standards of food safety. Additionally, this thoughtful design choice ensures easy and efficient cleaning, aligning with our commitment to both safety and convenience.

Pira-Griddle Grill M80-M150

SKU: Pira-Griddle Grid M80-M150
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