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NAFEM Show 2023 - FSS Supplier Highlights

As one of North America's most innovative industry events, this year's NAFEM Show was packed with new products, live demos and and world class entertainment. In case you missed it, we've included a recap of 5 noteworthy supplier highlights for you below!

1. Wood Stone Launches OneRev

Wood Stone introduced their newest oven - the OneRev Labor Saver Rotating Pizza Oven. Designed to cook artisinal pizzas perfectly in ONE rotation. this fresh take on traditional pizza ovens is more efficient and consistent than anything you've seen before.

2. Dry Ager Debuts Patented SmartAging® Technology

Dry Ager is bringing SmartAging® technology to North America. With it comes the ability to program dry aging processes with varying aging phases and temperatures, easily. This patented SmartAging® technology will revolutionize the way you age meat, providing you with perfectly aged products every time. Stay tuned for the release of this game-changing dry aging system in the North American market!

3. Scotsman Launches Prodigy Elite Line

Scotsman is taking ice system technology to a new level. With the launch the Prodigy Elite Modular Cube ice machine line, Scotsman has also launched ICELINQ®, an innovative app designed to help monitor and maintain ice systems more efficiently. This lineup, alongside ICELINQ®, offers a simplified experience to ensure intuitive operation, cleaning and maintenance.

4. Antunes Showcases New Smart Takeout Solutions

Antunes has introduced concepts for both Smart Drive-Thru Expansion as an outdoor solution as well as a Vertical Transport System as an indoor solution. Honing in on new technologies that can accommodate shifting consumer habits, Antunes continues to blaze the trail of innovative, effective solutions for the foodservice & hospitality industry. Check out the video for a deeper look into these new technologies.

5. Nemco Showcases New Hot Hold® Dry/Moist Food Warmer

Nemco has launched their Hot Hold® Dry/Moist Food Warmers. Utilizing patented ThermalBreeze™ technology, these units achieve higher energy efficiency while delivering consistent results. Holding low-moisture foods at their cripiest and high-moisture foods at their juiciest.

Interested in learning more about new products exhibited at this year's NAFEM Show? Get in touch with us.


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