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Model: 55050AN


The N55050AN-R Ribbon Fry Cutter from Nemco is the perfect tool for turning potatoes into gold.


This ribbon fry cutter lets you turn potatoes into platefuls of uniquely appetizing, fresh, thin ribbon fries that serve up big profits for your business. Simply load a potato (up to 70-count) and turn the handle clockwise while firmly pressing forward. No peeling required.


Did you know?

Fresh fried potato ribbons make a savory, high-value presentation that customers love. This Nemco ribbon fry cutter affords you the highest profit on every serving. With a per serving food cost of only 10 cents and a 75 cents selling price, your per serving profit of 65 cents will make the Ribbon Fry your biggest moneymaker ever.


Key Features

  • Built to last
  • Disassembles easily for cleaning
  • Uses the entire potato to eliminate wast
  • Quickly and easily cuts ribbon fries
  • 5 styles of cuts available: Spiral, Ribbon, Wavy Ribbon, Garnish, and Chip Twister!
  • Smooth-shaft drive screw makes reloading potatoes fast and efficient

Nemco 55050AN-R Ribbon Fry™ Potato Cutter

SKU : 55050AN-R
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