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Model: 55500


Easy Chopper is the original, most effective answer for fast, easy, efficient chopping. Comfortable, weighted handle does most of the work for you to cut cleanly in one stroke. Super-sharp, stainless steel, interchangeable cutting grids let you perform six operations with one machine, including four-, six-, and eight-section wedging. Built for years of reliable performance.


Efficiently chop vegetables and potatoes with this Nemco 55500-1 1/4" Easy Chopper vegetable dicer!Never again chop vegetables by hand thanks to this all-in-one unit! This Nemco Easy Chopper vegetable dicer is not only a tomato chopper, onion dicer, and potato slicer, but also a versatile unit that will save you time and labor as you quickly dice vegetables for your prep tables, salads, and signature meals.


Cutting Grids

Razor sharp stainless steel blades allow you to chop a variety of sizes.


Key Features

  • Saves time and labor on chopping ingredients
  • Safer and more productive than chopping with a knife
  • Creates a consistent 1/4" dice size to help with portion control
  • Super sharp stainless steel cutting blades
  • Features interchangeable cutting grids or wedgers (sold separately)

Nemco 55500 Easy Chopper™

SKU : 55500
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