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Perfectly position heavy cuts of meat or other product in your curing cabinet using this Dry Ager stainless steel double hanger for UX1500 Pro. Constructed of durable stainless steel this hanger is designed for use with compatible swivel- or s-hooks. It easily allows for product to be hung two deep to maximize space. Its width is compatible with the Dry Ager 1500 Pro (sold separately). Hangs up to 4 saddles of meat, total load capacity: 176 lbs, hooks not included.

To use, simply insert the hanger in the upper part of the curing cabinet and then hang the hooks with your product. This makes placing the hanger easier and ensures that the meat hangs freely when added to maximize airflow. With a load capacity of 176 lb., this hanger is able to hold significantly more weight than a comparable shelf and effortlessly holds product like four whole sirloins.


  • Durable stainless steel constructions stands up to heavy use
  • Features a 176 lb. load capacity
  • Perfect for hanging large pieces of meat
  • Double hanger is stronger than two separate hangers side by side


Shipping Weight    8 lb.

DRY AGER™ UX 1500 PRO DU0010 Double Hanger

SKU : DU0010
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