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Enhance the appearance and flavor of your cured products with the Dry Ager SALTAIR salt block set for UX1500 (DU0070). This marbled pink salt block is designed for use with the Dry Ager 1500 PRO cabinet and will naturally release salt molecules into the air to infuse added flavor into your product as it cures.


It also helps regulate humidity in the cabinet. This salt is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, all properties that protect against foodborne illnesses and keep the slab clean and fresh without chemicals or other additives.

The pink color of the salt creates a striking visual contrast with the other contents of your curing cabinet and provides excellent visual appeal whether your curing cabinet is in a butcher shop or a steakhouse.


Cut and sized specifically for use with the SALTAIR salt tray (sold separately), this salt should be placed on the tray to prevent any liquid that has come into contact with the salt from getting onto the surface of your cabinet. This block can last up to two years in use making it a worth while investment. It is recommended that the SALTAIR salt block be checked weekly and any draining liquid be removed from around the block.


  • Real, naturally marbled pink salt
  • Enhanced the microclimate in your curing cabinet
  • Infuses matured product with a touch of salt
  • Helps to regulate humidity in the cabinet
  • For optimal performance, use with SALTAIR Salt Tray (sold separately)


Shipping Weight    32.5 lb.

DRY AGER™ UX 1500 PRO DU0055 SALTAIR Salt-Block Set

SKU : DU0055
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