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The Scotsman MC0830MA-32 Prodigy Elite Series 30" air cooled medium cube ice machine is an excellent choice for establishing a reliable ice system in your establishment. Here are the key features and benefits of this ice machine:

  • High Production Capacity: With the ability to produce up to 905 lb. of medium-sized ice cubes per day (7/8" x 7/8" x 7/8"), this ice machine ensures a steady and abundant supply of ice to meet your establishment's demands.

  • Intelligent Sensor Technology: The machine is equipped with intelligent sensor technology that maximizes efficiency and helps lower operating costs. It ensures optimal ice production by monitoring and adjusting various parameters.

  • AutoAlert Panel: The AutoAlert panel on the machine provides convenient machine status information through an indicator light. It alerts your staff when it's time to descale and sanitize the unit, eliminating guesswork and facilitating regular maintenance.

  • WaterSense Adaptive Purge Control: This patented feature reduces scale buildup in the ice machine, increasing reliability and extending the time between cleanings. It helps maintain ice quality and keeps the machine running smoothly.

  • ICELINQ Mobile App Integration: The ice machine connects with the ICELINQ mobile app via Bluetooth, allowing easy access to machine settings and providing real-time diagnostics and guided cleanings. This integration simplifies the user experience and enhances convenience.

  • Preservation Mode: The unit offers a Preservation Mode feature that maximizes uptime and notifies staff of potential issues. This helps ensure uninterrupted ice production and allows proactive maintenance.

  • One-Touch Cleaning: The ice machine enables one-touch cleaning, saving time and money by streamlining the cleaning process. It simplifies the maintenance routine, ensuring proper hygiene standards are maintained.

  • Removable Front Filter: The front location of the removable filter makes it easily accessible, even in tight spaces. This feature simplifies filter maintenance and promotes efficient operation.

  • Energy Efficiency: The ice machine is designed for energy efficiency, consuming 4.99 kWh of energy per 100 lb. of ice produced. This helps reduce energy costs while maintaining a high ice production rate.

  • QR Code Warranty and Service Information: The unit includes an industry-exclusive QR code that instantly connects users to warranty and service information. This feature provides quick access to support and ensures efficient resolution of any issues that may arise.

  • Refrigeration System and Electrical Connection: The refrigeration system uses R-404A refrigerant, a common and reliable choice in commercial refrigeration. The unit requires a 208-230V electrical connection for operation.


Overall, the MC0830MA-32 Prodigy Elite Series ice machine combines high production capacity, intelligent features, ease of use, and energy efficiency to provide a reliable ice system for your establishment.

MC0830MA-32 Prodigy Elite Series 30" Air Cooled Medium Cube Ice Machine

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