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The Scotsman CU0415MA-1A air cooled undercounter ice machine will meet the ice demands of your restaurant, bar, or cafe!


Thanks to its innovative horizontal evaporator, this unit produces medium-sized, crystal clear ice cubes. Its intuitive control panel makes operating your machine and adjusting ice thickness or harvest time a breeze. Plus, it produces up to 58 lb. of ice per day, perfect for cafes, break rooms, coffee shops, and other low volume operations.


Within 24 hours, the Scotsman CU0415MA-1 undercounter ice machine can produce 58 pounds of full-cube ice if the ambient air temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and incoming water temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Full-cube ice complements most drinks at restaurants or bars, forming in the evaporator plate when the refrigerant is cooled by air-cooled motor fans. Designed to produce crystal-clear ice cubes, the spray jet moves water over the evaporator to remove minerals before they freeze.

The built-in storage bin can hold 36 pounds of ice and includes a scoop. Because the bin door slides back, it offers convenient access without impeding scooping. The exterior resists corrosion, adding durability while maintaining a professional look. With its 15-inch width, the Scotsman CU0415MA-1 undercounter ice maker fits in tight spaces without sacrificing daily production or storage capacity.


Product Details

  • 58-lb. maximum daily ice production
  • 36-lb. storage bin capacity
  • Makes full-cube ice
  • Full-cube ice size: 7⁄8 in. x 7⁄8 in. x 7⁄8 in.
  • Evaporator technology is designed to produce crystal-clear cubes
  • Air-cooled motor
  • Intuitive control panel with an on/off/clean switch and visible buttons for ice thickness and harvest time
  • Slide-back bin door
  • Ice scoop is included
  • Corrosion-resistant exterior
  • Uses R134A refrigerant
  • 1,500-BTU heat transfer capacity
  • Part of the Essential Ice™ series
  • Ideal ambient air temperature: 50-100 degrees F
  • Ideal incoming water temperature: 40-100 degrees F
  • Ideal incoming water pressure: 15-80 PSIG


Dimensions & Utilities

  • 15 in. W x 24 in. D x 38 in. H
  • 3.6 A, 12 kW
  • 115 V/60 Hz/1 ph


CU0415MA-1 15" Undercounter Medium Cube Ice Machine 58 lbs

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