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Undoubtedly, the epitome of professionalism in the realm of charcoal ovens, this model commands competitiveness within the catering world. It takes its place in the new generation of charcoal ovens, featuring the revolutionary PIRACOLD technology that is transforming the catering landscape.

The amalgamation of its features, construction, design, size, and production capacity establishes the PIRA 120 LUX INOX ED as the epitome of perfection among charcoal ovens—an indispensable element for restaurants dedicated to the art of grilling.

PIRACOLD, a cooling system meticulously devised and officially patented by PIRA, yields paramount effects concerning both the external oven temperature and energy conservation:

Upon reaching its peak operational temperature, the exterior structure of the oven remains adeptly regulated around 60ºC.
The temperature within the cooking chamber perseveres for extended periods, even after the conclusion of service. Consequently, despite achieving production parity with other ovens of equivalent dimensions, this system yields energy and financial savings due to its impressively low charcoal consumption.
Remarkably, the same quantity of charcoal can be harnessed to cook up to 25% more compared to a charcoal oven lacking the PIRACOLD system.
This technology is pivotal for establishments, particularly restaurants where grilling constitutes a central facet of the menu. It represents the epitome of quality and affordability.

Key Features:

Significant reduction in the space between the chef and the oven, enhancing comfort in the work area.
Drastic reduction in levels of dirt on the oven door, attributed to the absence of drops falling onto it.
A fast and facile access system for glass cleaning, enabling a spotless glass within just "one minute" after a bustling working day.
As a model with a liftable door, the risk of objects falling onto the glass is mitigated, averting potential kitchen incidents that could damage the glass.
The oven's versatility encompasses all types of food, from meat to fish and vegetables. It is equipped with a high-temperature-resistant glass door, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 750ºC. This feature empowers you to observe the cooking process, contributing to the maintenance of the oven's temperature and once again reducing charcoal consumption.

Pira 120 LUX ED

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