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Upgrade the appearance of your curing cabinet with this Dry Ager stainless steel molding cover for UX750. Made with durable stainless steel, this molding strip blends seamlessly with your Dry Ager 750 series curing cabinet (sold separately). For side-by-side integration installation of two UX750 PRO units at a distance of 1.97 in.


It enhances the appearance of your establishment by covering the gap around the outside of the curing cabinet whether it's integrated with a wall or two units have been placed side by side. This also reduces the chances that dust or debris will escape from that gap, keeping product safe from unwanted exposure when opening and closing the door.


To attach the molding, simply apply the included adhesive strips and press it into place.


  • Stainless steel material blends seamlessly with your curing cabinet
  • Perfect for covering the gap between two side by side curing cabinets
  • Covers unsightly gap between your curing cabinet and the wall
  • Includes adhesive strips for attachment



Shipping Weight      5 lb.
MaterialStainless Steel
TypeDry Ager


DRY AGER™ UX 750 PRO DU0004 Stainless Steel Moulding

SKU: DU0004
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