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The PIRA 70 Lux model stands as a groundbreaking innovation in the field of catering, representing the first of a new generation of charcoal ovens that are reshaping the culinary landscape. This exceptional oven is designed to deliver unparalleled features, performance, and economy, making it a preferred choice among chefs seeking both convenience and efficiency in their cooking endeavors.

At the heart of this remarkable oven lies the pioneering technology known as PIRACOLD, a cooling system conceptualized and patented by PIRA. This innovation brings about a range of benefits, primarily focused on optimizing outdoor oven temperature and conserving energy. Here are the key aspects that set the PIRA 70 Lux model apart:

1. **Temperature Control**: Once the oven reaches its maximum operational temperature, a remarkable feature of the PIRACOLD system becomes evident. The outer structure of the oven is ingeniously maintained at around 70ºC, even when the interior cooking chamber is operating at much higher temperatures. This controlled exterior temperature ensures user safety and convenience.

2. **Sustained Interior Temperature**: The PIRACOLD system's impact extends to the cooking chamber itself. Even after the service has concluded, the interior cooking chamber retains its temperature for extended periods. This characteristic enhances efficiency and productivity, as the oven continues to serve culinary needs long after cooking operations have ceased.

3. **Energy Efficiency**: One of the most compelling advantages of the PIRA 70 Lux model is its impressive energy efficiency. This efficiency is achieved through a combination of factors: the controlled exterior temperature, the sustained interior temperature, and the innovative PIRACOLD system. As a result, the oven's overall energy consumption is notably reduced, translating into cost savings and a lower carbon footprint.

4. **Charcoal Consumption**: Noteworthy is the significantly lower charcoal consumption associated with the PIRA 70 Lux model. Despite its equivalent production capacity to other ovens of similar dimensions, this oven's advanced features and PIRACOLD technology enable it to utilize a fraction of the charcoal that would be required by a conventional charcoal oven. Reports suggest that it can achieve up to 25% more cooking with the same amount of charcoal compared to ovens lacking PIRACOLD.

5. **Versatile Cooking**: The PIRA 70 Lux model caters to a wide array of culinary creations. It excels in cooking diverse foods such as meats, fish, and vegetables, offering chefs the flexibility to craft a broad range of dishes with precision and excellence.

6. **High-Temperature Glass Door**: A notable addition to the oven's design is the high-temperature glass door. This feature allows for easy monitoring of cooking progress, enabling chefs to view their dishes without compromising the interior temperature. Consequently, charcoal consumption is further minimized, contributing to the oven's cost-effective and eco-friendly operation.

7. **Ideal for Various Establishments**: The PIRA 70 Lux model is ideally suited for small to medium-sized establishments and restaurants where grilling is a supplementary offering on the menu. Its compact dimensions and outstanding efficiency make it an asset in a variety of culinary environments.

8. **Economical Choice**: The PIRA 70 Lux model stands out as the best oven in terms of both performance and price. Its groundbreaking technology and economic benefits make it a wise investment for chefs and establishments seeking top-notch cooking capabilities without compromising their bottom line.

In summary, the PIRA 70 Lux model with PIRACOLD technology is a game-changer in the world of catering. Its temperature control, sustained cooking chamber temperature, energy efficiency, reduced charcoal consumption, and versatile cooking abilities set it apart as a preferred choice for chefs and establishments seeking optimal culinary outcomes while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Pira 70 LUX

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