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Introducing the inaugural member of a revolutionary breed of charcoal ovens poised to redefine the culinary landscape. With its exceptional features, unparalleled performance, cost-efficient design, and precise measurements, this charcoal oven stands as the pinnacle of both economy and desirability among chefs seeking culinary comfort.

Distinguished as the pioneer worldwide, this oven boasts the exclusive incorporation of PIRACOLD technology, a patented cooling system crafted by PIRA. PIRACOLD's impact reverberates through two key domains: the exterior oven temperature and energy conservation:

Once the oven attains its peak operational heat, a remarkable facet emerges—the oven's external structure remains consistently at around 70ºC. A breakthrough in temperature control, this innovation safeguards both user convenience and safety.

Remarkably, even post-service, the interior cooking chamber sustains its temperature for extended durations. This groundbreaking attribute optimizes energy usage and operational efficiency, allowing the oven to remain productive long after the last dish has been prepared.

In a feat of culinary alchemy, despite matching the production output of other ovens of similar dimensions, this oven's innovative PIRACOLD system significantly diminishes energy expenditure and financial outlay. The minimal consumption of charcoal emerges as a prime contributor to this efficiency, enabling a remarkable 25% increase in cooking yield compared to charcoal ovens bereft of PIRACOLD.

Perfectly suited for small to medium establishments and culinary havens where grilling occupies an auxiliary niche on the menu, this oven underscores its economic and operational prowess.

Offering a compelling union of quality and affordability, it lays claim to being the paramount choice among ovens.

This versatile culinary marvel accommodates an array of gastronomic creations, from succulent meats to delicate fish and vibrant vegetables. An innovative high-temperature glass door, resilient against scorching heat of up to 750ºC, affords chefs a tantalizing view of their creations in progress. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this feature synergizes with the oven's architecture to preserve temperature consistency, thereby curtailing charcoal consumption.

In summation, the inaugural masterpiece of a new generation of charcoal ovens is here to transform the art of catering. Its fusion of inventive technology, meticulous performance, economical advantage, and culinary comfort positions it as the beacon of choice for discerning chefs.

Pira 70 LUX ED

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