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Provide optimal space and support for the product in your curing cabinet with the Dry Ager full shelf for UX1500. This shelf features a grate that allows air to flow around the products it supports for optimal exposure and curing during use. It's perfectly suited to holding cheese, sausage, fish, or pieces of meat and can support up to 88 lb. of product.

This durable half shelf is made from stainless steel and is designed to distribute the pressure points on product that it supports. To use, simply insert it in into the Dry Ager 1500 Pro curing cabinet (sold separately) at an open insert space and then place product on top. After use, the shelf can be removed and easily washed and sanitized before the next use. For practical division, a maximum of 5 shelves will fit into the 1500 Pro cabinet.


  • Durable stainless steel constructions stands up to heavy use
  • Perfect for holding meat or cheese in your curing cabinet
  • Features an 88 lb. load capacity
  • Can be installed at various insertion points to maximize space
  • Grate design allows air to circulate freely around product


Shipping Weight    10 lb.
Capacity88 lb.
MaterialStainless Steel
TypeDry Ager

DRY AGER™ UX 1500 PRO DUS020 Full Shelf

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