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The NAG202BS gas combination oven has a 10" full colour touch screen that is easy to use and can be configured to suit every kitchen's requirements. Popular menu items can be placed onto the home screen so can be started with a single touch, while recipes can be organised in folders, making them easier to access for all users.


Multilevel cooking enables menu items with different cooking times to be cooked at the same temperature, with the oven's intelligence able to identify other saved recipes that can also be cooked under these parameters.

Limitless number of cooking programmes can be stored. Cooking advice, notes, images & photos can be added to stored programmes to help quickly and easily identify dishes. Easily uploaded from a USB.


This combi oven has a capacity of 20 x 2/1 or 40 x 1/1 GN trays, with 63mm between shelves. An automatic washing system and an inbuilt, retractable hand shower, makes it easy to keep the oven chamber in optimum condition. The Calout Oven Protection System ensures the boiler is kept free from limescale, enabling performance to be maintained.


This combi is a ideal for those establishments catering for large banquets and functions. Accessories such as removable racks, plate racks and thermal covers enable large numbers of meals to be ready at the same time.


This unit can be connected to wifi, allowing users to upload / download recipes (both their own and from a dedicated chef's portal which contains recipes and other useful information). This is an easy way to share recipes between different sites to ensure consistency across multiple outlets.

NAG202B Gas Combi Oven

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