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Model: 55150C-R


Make big profits sprout from whole fresh potatoes, while serving delicious ribbon fries to hungry guests with the Nemco 55150C-R PowerKut ribbon fry cutter! The PowerKut ribbon French fry cutter is an easy to use machine that makes mounds of natural, delicious ribbon cut fries using the entire potato - no more waste! Ribbon fries look like double orders when plated which cuts down on portion sizes while increasing profits!The Nemco 55150C-R PowerKut table mount ribbon fry cutter can process up to a 60 count potato in 5 seconds and mounts to any table top. It also boasts a 120/60/1 electrical rating.


Key Features

  • Holds up to a 60 count potato
  • Cuts ribbon fries in 5 seconds
  • Interchangeable blades for various cuts
  • Can be quickly modified to create other cuts of fries and chips
  • Simple disassembly for cleaning


Nemco 55150C-R PowerKut Ribbon Fry Cutter

SKU: 55150C-R
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