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Model: 56455


Never let a wave of hungry customers down. When the popularity of French fries meets your busiest rush times, get more orders out and make more money with Nemco’s Monster Airmatic FryKutter. 720 potatoes an hour? No sweat. Cut the monster potatoes. Cut more of them. And cut them at an incredible rate of speed – with absolutely no operator fatigue. The Monster Airmatic FryKutter is built to make quick work of extra large potatoes. Just feed the chamber and let the pneumatic cylinder do the work. NEMCO always designs its products with the operator in mind, focusing on ergonomics, safety and convenience.


Perfect for high volume French fry production in grab and go restaurants or fast food chains, the Nemco 56455-1 Monster Airmatic FryKutter can cut up to 720 potatoes per hour with no operator fatigue!


With a 4" square cutting area designed to make short work of even large potatoes, just feed the chamber and let the pneumatic cylinder do all the work! In addition to potatoes, you can also use the Nemco Monster Airmatic FryKutter for cutting other vegetables including onions, carrots, celery, bell peppers, tomatoes, and more.


Key Features

  • Cuts 12 monster potatoes per minute, 720 potatoes per hour
  • No operator fatigue
  • Mounts to counter top or wall
  • Safe, convenient, ergonomically designed
  • 4" square cutting area
  • Clear polycarbonate guard keeps operator hands free from cutting area when the drive cylinder is actuated
  • 4 1/4" sq. cutting area accepts extra large potatoes
  • Durable cast aluminum and stainless steel construction throughout
  • Suction-cup feet provide required stability, but can be easily lifted for convenient mobility
  • Requires 90 P.S.I. at 5.6 SCFM


Nemco 56455 Monster Airmatic FryKutter

SKU: 56455
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