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Model: 56500


Get the speed, efficiency, and convenience of the Easy Chopper in a mightier model specially designed for your BIG veggies! Its large 4 1/4-inch square cutting area saves you labor by minimizing the need to precut foods into smaller portions. Best of all, the easily interchangeable blade assemblies allow you to chop, slice, and wedge in a variety of cut sizes with flawless consistency for a beautiful presentation and economical portion control. Built to last in the toughest commercial environment.


The Nemco 56500 Easy Chopper II takes labor and cost out of your food prep operations.


It's fast, efficient, easy to use and easy to clean so your staff can spend less time prepping and more time on the many other tasks that it takes to run a successful kitchen. Plus, this unit is safer than a knife for fewer time-consuming accidents. And it's built to last even if you prep a lot of food every day! The Nemco Easy Chopper II is the perfect tool for preparing salsa, pizza toppings, drink garnishes, and more.


Key Features

  • Saves time and labor on chopping ingredients
  • High-tension stainless steel blades create uniform slices
  • Creates a consistent dice size bits to help with portion control
  • Safer and more productive than chopping with a knife
  • Features interchangeable cutting grids or wedgers (sold separately)
  • Ergonomic, weighted handle ensures effortless slicing with just one stroke
  • Lightweight, yet durable aluminum construction
  • Sturdy base offers maximum stability to ensure smooth slicing; rubber feet prevent slipping
  • Large 4 1/4" square cutting area accommodates large produce

Nemco 56500 Easy Chopper 2™

SKU: 56500
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