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Model: 57500


The new Easy Chopper 3 boasts the same size and all-in-one chop, slice and wedge versatility of its predecessor, the Easy Chopper 2, with a number of design enhancements for even faster, easier operation and greater performance longevity. At the core of these industry-first enhancements is the push block. In addition to now being color-coded per the cut size of the corresponding blade-set – thus making destructive mismatches near impossible-each push block also features an intriguing ‘gasket’ innovation that’s poised to be a labor-efficiency game changer. Many of the staple features and benefits of the Chopper 2 remain, including a 4 ¼” cutting area for large vegetables, as well as a pre-tensioned slicing blade cartridge design, aluminum and stainless-steel construction and a sturdy-wide base now high enough to sprawl a 1/6- or 1/3-size six-inch deep food pan, or a two-quart round pan.


Key Features

  • Cleaning gasket made of durable synthetic nylon and easily removed with a simple pull of its two tabs
  • Color-coded push block/blade set tandems simplify change out, greatly reducing operator error that can cause damaging mismatches
  • Easily interchanged blade assemblies are completely separate from the guide rods – no need to remove the bumpers
  • Tall, sprawling base allows chopped produce to fall straight into a 1/6- or 1/3-size six-inch food pan, or a two-quart round pan
  • Push block’s nylon-based resin is highly resilient and less prone to suffer impact damage
  • Large 4 1/4"-square cutting area accommodates the BIG veggies

Nemco 57500 Easy Chopper 3™

SKU: 57500
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