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The Lainox NEOG051 is a shock freezing model commonly used in catering establishments, food shops, supermarkets, and food production facilities. It is designed to rapidly cool and freeze large volumes of food while preserving their original properties. By subjecting the food to a quick and drastic change in temperature, the growth of bacteria is inhibited, ensuring food safety without compromising its moisture content.


The NEOG051 model comes equipped with various features. It includes a touch control interface for easy operation and adjustment of settings. The unit also has a built-in refrigeration system to facilitate the freezing process. To accurately monitor the temperature, it is equipped with a heated 4-point probe probe, which helps ensure precise temperature control during freezing.

The rails inside the unit are removable, allowing for flexible storage configurations based on the volume and size of the food being frozen. The door of the model features an ergonomic handle for convenient opening and closing, and magnetic pads are placed around the perimeter of the door to ensure a proper seal and minimize heat transfer.

NEOG051 Blast Chiller

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