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The PIRA 70 LUX XL ED is a charcoal oven that maximizes small spaces while providing significant advantages and features that make it a popular choice. This model has the same width as the PIRA 70 LUX ED model, but it offers a greater depth, extending up to 7 centimeters more.


One of its key innovations is the PIRACOLD cooling system, which is designed and registered by PIRA. This system helps maintain the oven's external structure at approximately 70ºC when it reaches its maximum operating temperature. Moreover, the temperature inside the cooking chamber remains consistent for hours even after the service is finished. This results in significant energy savings and lower charcoal consumption compared to other ovens with similar dimensions.


According to PIRA, the PIRA 70 LUX XL ED can cook the same amount of food with up to 25% less charcoal than traditional charcoal ovens without PIRACOLD.

These features make the PIRA 70LUX XL ED an economical and profitable model, favored by many chefs for its comfort and efficiency. It is particularly well-suited for small to medium establishments or restaurants where the grill serves as an additional line on the menu.

The oven's internal oil & grease collector is another useful addition. It allows chefs to cook with a grooved grill without flames, reducing the risk of burning the food. This versatility enables the cooking of various types of food, including fish, meat, and vegetables.


Additionally, the PIRA 70 LUX XL ED is equipped with a high-temperature resistant glass, capable of withstanding up to 750ºC. This glass feature allows chefs to monitor the food while it cooks, which helps maintain the oven's temperature and further reduces charcoal consumption.

Overall, the PIRA 70 LUX XL ED is regarded as an exceptional oven, combining performance, savings, and size to provide a top-quality cooking experience at an affordable price.



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