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The Vertical Contact Toaster (VCTM-2) is used in the largest and most successful foodservice operations around the world, giving buns a consistent, golden-brown finish that helps burgers taste better, look better, and feel hotter when in the hands of the customers.


The Antunes VCTM-2-9210915 bun toaster crisps and heats buns for sandwiches, such as pulled pork or burgers. It can be used at various casual dining establishments ranging from sports bars to barbecue joints. Buns are taken two sets at a time and carried through the toasting chamber, receiving a crisp texture that can be tailored to establishment preferences using the toaster's customization options.


Toast customization is accomplished on the Antunes VCTM-2-9210915 mini contact toaster using the digital temperature controller—high or low settings modify the level of browning received. The toaster's motor also affects product results by offering users different speed settings, controlling how long buns stay inside the toasting chamber. This toaster is compact and has a stainless steel construction to increase its durability, extend its service life, and optimize available countertop space. With it's small footprint, the VCTM-2 is a perfect fit for any operation where high-quality bun toasting is the objective and where space is limited.


Product Features & Benefits:

  • Toasts 2 complete buns simultaneously
  • Variable-speed motor facilitates product result customization
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Auxiliary heater provides all-side bun warming
  • Compact profile optimizes countertop space (countertop design)
  • Made of resilient stainless steel
  • Moving conveyor
  • Individual heel and crown compression
  • ETL listed
  • ETL-Sanitation
  • CE Listed


Dimensions & Utilities

  • Crown feeder opening: 13⁄4 in.
  • Heel feeder opening: 11⁄2 in.
  • Overall: 14 in. W x 101⁄2 in. D x 251⁄2 in. H
  • 20 A, 3.1 kW
  • 208-230 V/50-60 Hz/1 ph, NEMA 6-20P plug



9210915 Vertical Contact Mini Toaster

SKU: 9210915
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