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Model: 55250APrepare mounds of perfectly cut green onions with this Nemco 55250A green onion slicer plus.



Save time, labor, and money by using this green onion slicer to cut ingredients for your soups and salads! Since it requires less skill than a knife but still provides thin slices and consistent results, you can assign the task of preparing green onions and other soft vegetables to new or inexperienced employees.


For fast, fresh sliced garnishes, salad toppings, appetizers, soup starters and more, choose the Green Onion Slicer Plus. It makes mounds of perfect 3/16-inch slices in just one labor-saving stroke. Faster than knives or scissors. Razor-sharp blades are individually replaceable. Wall-mount design saves valuable counter space.


Key Features

  • Quickly and easily produce 3/16" thick slices of fresh produce
  • Wall mount designs saves valuable counter space
  • Can be used with 1/2 size food pans (sold separately)
  • Razor-sharp, long-lasting stainless steel blades are easily replaceable

Nemco 55250A Green Onion Slicer Plus

SKU: 55250A
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